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Asia, Europe, east, west Pacific Ocean, Oceania and the Arctic Ocean north of the continent to the south. The historian Herodotus, the first time by the present term of this Grekçe Salihli Plain, and later used to qualify the Gediz Basin. Describing the riches of this city as the capital of Asia betimlemiştir Sardes. Over time, the Anatolian peninsula in Asia later in the term before, and as far as Mongolia to China (Marco Polo’s discoveries) were used for the whole of the land.

The Old World’s land mass is part of the Asia 44,391,163 km ² surface area of ​​the world’s largest continent. At the same time average of 1 010 m yükseltisiyle the world’s highest continent. This elevation in Asia the world’s highest peaks of the Himalayan Mountains, thanks to embodies.

Asia, north-south direction and 8490 km wide. The north of the continent, Russia Çelyuskin Cape (77 ° 42 ’55 “N latitude), while the south of Malacca to the Cape Peninsula, Buru (1 ° 14′ 17” N latitude) is located. If we receive the main islands, Severneya Zemlya Island (81 ° 16 ’23 “N latitude) due to Indonesia with Rudi Islands (11 ° 00′ 19” S latitude) between the 10 245 km.

Continent east-west direction, which is the westernmost point on mainland Turkey, Canakkale Ayvacik district (26 ° 24 ’17 “E meridian) and the Chukchi Peninsula, Cape Dejnev (169 ° 40′ 17” E meridian) 8 200 kms of .

The special position of the continent, Asia, north of the Arctic Ocean is limited. To the north east, a shallow sea from America via the Bering Strait is divided into a 100 km wide.

Continental in the east is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. However, the base of the coastal ocean off the north-south direction of the mountains rising from the water on the island and some parts of the island which is located in the garlands. Here, Aleut, Japanese, and Marian Bonin çukurluklarından the deep sea and the “Andesite Line” with the region west of a line called the island, and some islands there are garlands of mainland Asia.

The continent’s southeastern border, although a bit confused with the Arafura Sea from the Sunda Islands were considered the last line of the border knows. Limits the continent from the south Indian Ocean.

In Asia, the western limit of a very controversial issue. Different opinions on this matter forward, but still present in many researchers, adopted the right border, the Ural Mountains, the Ural River, Manic Gutter, Black Sea, the Straits, Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal and the Red Sea will be drawn over the line. Anatolia and Thrace east of this line in the Caucasus to Europe from Asia are included in counting.

Several of the largest companies on the world gathered in Asia. Asia, the largest of the continents (44,391,163 sq km) and an average altitude of up to one (1010 m) is. Also the world’s highest peak (Mount Everest, 8,848 m), the largest lake (the Caspian Lake or Sea), the deepest lake (Lake Baikal), where the world’s lowest sea level (the Dead Sea, the lake surface is -392 m), and The low basin in the world (Turfan Basin -154 m) is located in Asia.

Asia, the world’s most populous continent with a population over 3.5 billion. The world’s most populous country, China (1 284 303 705 people, 2002 estimate) is located on this continent. Religions of Asia, the continent was born. Between the monotheistic religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, all three religions have emerged in the Middle East. However, that appeal to a wide audience in the Asian origin, religions, Buddhism and Hinduism. Asia is also the cradle of civilizations. Turkish, Persian, Arab, Chinese and Indian civilizations on this continent for thousands of years, continue to follow the assets. Over 100 languages ​​are spoken on the continent. East of the continent, yellow, black and the rest of the islands in the southern part of the people live in the white race.