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map of australia and new zealand

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Last Updated: June 15, 2011

New Zealand, an island country in the South Pacific Okyanus’da. Southern Hemisphere, between the islands of the South Pacific Oceania, Australia, about 1,200 miles (2,000 km) is located in the south-east. The main two large (North Island and South Island) and consists of many small islands.

New Zealand’s capital Wellington. Over the snow-covered mountain is a country known for its scenic landscapes. The largest and most cosmopolitan city, Auckland.
Polynesian Maori settled in New Zealand for the first time 1000 years ago. Maori well-organized, with blood ties and the chiefs of a tribe ruled by powerful priests.

The first white man to set foot on the island, Abel Tasman in 1642 was Dutch. However, until Captain James Cook’s 1769 trips to the islands and 1779’daki not connected to any government and was not discovered. British immigrants began settling the island in 1840, the board of British rule. Wellington, was established after this date. In 1852 the New Zealand government has been devoted to their country and invest in the next century, communications and agricultural production has made rapid progress.
New Zealand’s Southern Hemisphere or the south of the equator, the seasons are opposite in the Northern Hemisphere means. January and February are the hottest months of summer and the coldest months are June and July.

Usually has a temperate climate, the northern parts of the country is under the effect of climate suptropikal. In winter, South Island (South Island) went down to -10 degrees midlands, Ocean coast has a climate more mild and rainy. Are between 20-33 degrees in summer it is extremely sunny.

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map of australia and new zealand




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