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physical map of africa

Author admin 16 - June - 2011

From north Africa and Asia to the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal in the northeast is divided into sınırlanırken. Continental is adjacent to the east, the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. 18 km from the Arabian Peninsula in the Strait of Babülmendep approaches. South of the continent, the Indian Ocean, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean west. Separated by 14 km wide Strait of Gibraltar from Europe to the continent in the northwest.

Rift valley of the large volcanoes, fault blocks, and inselbergerlerden and a continent of great deserts.

The highest point is Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 m) but the lowest point is Lake Assal (-156 m).

All of Africa and the Sahara Desert and all the world’s largest çölüdür. He still continues to widen.

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