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Last Updated: June 8, 2011

Europe, north Africa, west Asia and the Atlantic Ocean in the east of the peninsula.

Europe, the Sami languages ​​Erep (or IRIB), means that the sun goes down sides. Greeks, Phoenicians last of this name, in Greek according to Europa and the Aegean Sea in the west have been given this name in the country.

In addition, the mythological king of Phoenicia Agenar Telepassa’nın with his daughter’s name. IDA was kidnapped by Zeus into the shape of a bull, Zeus Minoan, named Rhadamnthys Sarppedon and has three sons; name given the peninsula.

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    For the life of me, I could not recall a single time on the roads when the winds were ever
    behind my back. This amazingly accurate measuring system enabled the Romans to
    mark their maps, and place stones alongside the roadsides
    marked with precise distances covered and to the next town or service stop.
    While experts disagreed with Todd Beardsley on matters of distance, they concurred that
    a westward voyage from Europe would be an uninterrupted water route.

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